music production tuition
learn to produce music

This is your chance to learn 1 on 1 at Sound Language Music how to produce your own music. You will learn everything from arranging, compiling and composing your ideas into fully finished songs.

Each session is 2 hours for maximum retention and it is highly recommend that you come armed with your own laptop to follow along. As each tuition can be custom tailored to what you want to learn, the courses below are only guidelines for interested students.

*Online tuition is also available via the use of Skype*

Beginner Course
*What is a sequencer / DAW, Midi, etc.
*What essentials do you need to get started
*Setting up a basic home studio
*The differences in file formats / file compression
*What's best for your budget and style
*Setting up your sequencer, midi tracks, audio tracks, instrument tracks
*Basic percussion sequencing and foundations
*Musical scales
*How to write basslines

Intermediate Course
*Intermediate percussion sequencing, patterns and grooves
*How to creatively use loops
*Different basslines for different styles and how to write them
*Arranging your track, track structures
*Exporting and sharing your music
*Writing melodies, different melodies for different styles and their patterns

Advanced Course
*Mixing and mastering your music
*Creating emotions in your music
*Advanced percussion grooves, swinging your grooves
*Sound design, creating your own sounds
*Vocal comp'ing and creative use of vocals
*Advanced tips and tricks
*Making radio edits, and remixing

The above is just a sample of what you can learn at Sound Language Music but we can custom tailor your tuition to whatever you wish to learn.

Cost: Please contact for a quote
Bulk bookings available for a discounted price. Please see the home page also for monthly specials and discounts.