music production tuition
learn to produce music

This is your chance to learn 1 on 1 at Sound Language Music how to produce your own music. You will learn everything from arranging, compiling and composing your ideas into fully finished songs.

Each session is 1 hour and can be custom tailored to what you want to learn but below are some examples of what you can expect to learn.

*What is a sequencer / DAW, Midi, etc.
*What essentials do you need to get started
*Setting up a basic home studio
*The differences in file formats / file compression
*What's best for your budget and style
*Setting up your sequencer, midi tracks, audio tracks, instrument tracks
*Basic percussion sequencing and foundations
*Musical scales
*How to write basslines
*Intermediate percussion sequencing, patterns and grooves
*How to creatively use loops
*Different basslines for different styles and how to write them
*Arranging your track, track structures
*Exporting and sharing your music
*Writing melodies, different melodies for different styles and their patterns
*Mixing and mastering your music
*Creating emotions in your music
*Advanced percussion grooves, swinging your grooves
*Sound design, creating your own sounds
*Vocal comp'ing and creative use of vocals
*Advanced tips and tricks
*Making radio edits, and remixing

The above is just a sample of what you can learn at Sound Language Music but we can custom tailor your tuition to whatever you wish to learn.

Cost: $75 / hour