music production & engineering
Turning your ideas into reality

The idea behind Music production & engineering is to take your ideas and translate them into a fully professional and complete ready to be played composition (song). In today's busy world, it is difficult for everyone to sit down and learn the technical aspects of musical production and this is where Sound Language Music comes in.

This service comes in 3 phases.
Consultation - Conception - Finalizing

The engineer will arrange a time before the booked session to discuss your thoughts and ideas, what kind of style of music you like and would like to acheive with your own production. The kind of artists you enjoy and where you envision where your music will be played and which record labels are best suited for your style and ideas.

After the consultation, on the booked studio session and time. You will arrive at the studio and sit down with the engineer to start building your song from ground up based on your ideas. All that is required of you is to bring your enthusiasm and ideas but any additional samples or unique sounds you would like to incorporate are also welcome in the studio. Generally the studio day runs under 5 hours but more time is always allotted for you so we can obtain the best results.

After the arrangement is finished and all the sounds are in. The final piece of the puzzle is the mixdown & mastering stage which will take place the following day. The engineer will level all the sounds, finalize your production to the highest standard and send you the final product to download and store on your computer.

This service can be provided as an "in-studio" session or it can be done over the internet through skype and other instant messaging services.

Cost: Please contact for a quote
Bulk bookings available for a discounted price. Please see the home page also for monthly specials and discounts.