Mixdown & mastering services
polishing your music to a high standard

Sound Language Music takes great pride in our ability to polish your music into something playable from the clubs to your car to your iPod headphones.

Here at the studio we believe it is vital to dance music to master with an experienced engineer. One that is familiar with the various styles and has had experience hearing the different works played in a club/festival/outdoor setting. The experiences held by the engineer ensures that what you receive will translate just as you intended when played out.

To accurately do this, we have a variety of monitoring devices at SLM. Starting with the highly regarded 3 way system designed by Focal Monitoring (Twin6BE) and situated in a custom room design from JRS Room Design to ensure supreme accuracy in monitoring. For a second set of monitors we have the M-Audio Studiophile CX8's in a second studio location treated with Auralex absorbers and traps. Finally your music will also receive the car test to ensure you can cruise down your local neighborhood with the windows rolled down.

There are two services we offer in this area. Mastering and Stem Mixdown. Both can be combined together for the ideal final polish on your song.

Please provide a .wav or .aiff file at your project sample rate (16bit / 24bit / preferably 24bit or higher) with at least -6 db of headroom. Please refrain from sending your .wav over with compressors or limiters on the final output. We will add our own during the mastering stages.

Stem Mixdown
For a more complete sound, we offer the service to set all your levels, eq and generally gel your track together before the mastering stages. This type of services is recommended for those who do not have a treated studio room or are finding their music is perhaps hyped sounding in various ends of the spectrum or just not clean enough. What we require is as many channels of your song exported as a 16bit / 24bit .wav file starting from the beginning so we can import into our sequencer and line it all up to begin the mixdown process.

$50 per track (Standard mastering)
$175 per track (Stem mixdown + mastering) *changes are allowed*

Bulk discounts available and please visit the home section for monthly deals and discounts!