artist advice & consultations
new to the electronic scene or looking for ways to build your profile?

The music scene today is more diverse and exciting than ever and can sometimes be overwhelming for new artists. Sometimes a bit of advice, guidance and help in the right direction goes a long way and having that "buddy" to help you on your path to reach your full potential in the music business is something Sound Language Music wants to become.

Over the many years, we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge in how the industry works in its various aspects. From the promoting and organization of events of 100 to 3000 people, to the distribution of music to digital outlets.

This customized service will take a look into every aspect of your music career. We will sit down and talk to you and examine your music, your performances, how you are marketing yourself and ways to improve in every area. We will devise goals to reach and when you are ready, we will put you in touch with our industry contacts to further help your growth. Our network includes web marketing and design as well as our indepth studio offerings which we feel will most certainly propel your music career in the right direction.

Please contact for quotes and rates.