Production advice & feedback
for aspiring producers

In today's music scene and advances in technology, the ability to produce "in the box" has allowed just about anyone to start producing their own music. This is fantastic but can sometimes leave our scene oversaturated with new music, many of which is not quite ready to hit the markets.

In order to really break free from the confines of the "bedroom", your music needs to be exceptionally well produced as first impressions can many times be the last with record labels and industry professionals.

The service we offer here is a complete breakdown and indepth analysis of your track. We will pinpoint areas of improvement to work on for your song and ways we feel could greatly improve your track. Through the use of screenshots and/or screen sharing, SLM can communicate and show you areas of improvements and ways to better your productions.

The session can be done live in person in the studio or over the internet / skype workable around your schedule.

Please contact for quotes and rates. Bulk discounts available and please visit the home section for monthly deals and discounts!